Tuesday, June 24, 2008


No, this isn't going to take the path of my last few posts. In honesty, though I still feel a little... unrecognized at times I know that one day things will all change so I'm not terribly upset about that anymore. Besides, don't sweat the small stuff... and it's all small stuff. Plus, I'm having a good day. Since I don't sleep over my aunt's anymore I get ample sleep at night and I actually beat my 6:00 alarm to the punch this morning (yep I was up at like 5:45). Plus, going home gives me the chance to detox before I go back the next day so that I'm ready to deal with those little crumbsnatchers I call cousins (lol, they're not always that bad). 

See I could walk the walk, couldn't really talk the talk
Had to get the talk to properly explain my walk
Cuz this lack in talk had my walk lookin off...

Actually, today's post title was inspired by a song by Lupe Fiasco called Failure. I was listening to my songs on Intelligent Shuffle on my mp3 player this morning on the train and it played a few of his songs in a row, this one being one of them. Admittedly, I don't remember what line in the song really inspired me to write this morning, during the few free minutes of my day, but at the time it really meant something. The one mentioned above wasn't it, but it definitely sounded like something that really fits me right about now so I figured it deserved a place in the post. 

I had a new flavor of coffee today and it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. To the people at Dunkin Donuts, kudos for inventing toasted almond coffee. Now it's no french vanilla or hazelnut but it certainly ranks up there with the best. And I know I'm probably a bit late jumping on the toasted almond train but as far as I can remember that wasn't a flavor last year when I bought coffee and a bagel religiously every single day before school. But yeah if you're a coffee drinker like myself (or maybe not as extreme) try the toasted almond coffee. It's almost as heavenly as a caramel frappuchino from Starbucks or a coolatta [Okay, I joke, I joke. Nothing is as heavenly as those two beverages, at least not anything that I can mention on this blog ;)].

By the way: if you are a college freshman or sophomore (no matter what school you go to) you have the opportunity to get paid per month to do absolutely NOTHING! If you don't believe me, ask Amardo. I got him hooked up and he gets paid to do exactly what I do, which is sit on my ass and collect money each month like a fat landlord (well I write articles for them too, but I get paid extra for that). It's a SEO company, and maybe if I really don't have anything better to do within the next 5 minutes I'll write another post just about that to explain why this is something people should want to take part in. Who can't use an extra $100-150 a month? I know mine goes toward my phone bill so that's never something I have to worry about. What's more, I know the whole process like the back of my hand and though you communicate directly with the company, I act as a liaison to make sure the process goes smoothly. Think about it. It's a great opportunity.

9:10 and it's still silent. I love this. Today is going to be a good day.

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