Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Celebrating 5 Years of Cell Phone Bliss

Here is a picture list of all of the phones I've owned since 2o03. It's long but hey, it was fun to make!

This beauty, the Nokia 6800, was the first phone I ever had. I got it just a week and a half after it was first advertised. It has a full QWERTY keyboard. I was starting freshman year of high school... needless to say, my phone generated all the right publicity. It didn't have a camera, but back then most phones didn't so that was nothing special. I still miss my Nokia 6800.

The V551 was next in line. It was my first camera phone, and I asked for it because my uncle had one and I thought it was cool. I actually had two of these; I lost the first in an unfortunate coffee spilling accident, and I actually still have the second one at home. It was the first phone I downloaded polyphonic ringtones onto (they were still the little ghetto adaptations of songs, but they weren't that bad).

I thought I was the cat's bananas when I got this beautiful Motorola Razr. At the time, Razrs were still ridiculously popular and they had just come out with this black one. Everybody else had the yucky silver Razrs, while mine was sleek and professional. I had my first real ringtones on this phone. 

Ahh, the Palm Treo 650. It made it difficult to go back to regular phones without touchscreens and QWERTY keyboards. This phone managed my life, with its calendar and alarms and reminders and EVERYTHING! The only thing was that it didn't have the ringtones I was accustomed to, but I convinced myself that a business-like phone had no place for silly ringtones. I felt even more accomplished because I had jobs that required me to dress professionally and this phone was always a great accessory. I had it for a long time and it had suffered a broken antenna (fixed with superglue), a lost stylus, and just about anything else I could throw at it. Until I lost it. *Sigh*

Most people in the US don't know about this gem of a phone because it's imported and I don't think I was really supposed to get my hands on it. It's the Motorola v80 and it is one of the most awesome phones EVER, with its blinking lights and swivel screen. This phone was the very first phone I had bought with my own money... my uncle, who also paid my bill, had bought all the others. But I wanted a change from what I had, so I sprang for this one. Unfortunately, it stopped working a few weeks after I bought it :(. The picture resolution was amazing, though. This is another one of those attention-getting phones, this time because nobody had ever seen anything like it.

Discouraged by the failure of my Motorola, and wanting to compensate for the myriad features on my Treo, I decided to purchase this LG F7900. As far as phones go, it caters heavily to those who don't need anything but to receive calls and send texts. It was pretty, though, and the slider action was nice. It didn't have a camera but hey, that's what my Treo was for.

The Nokia 7870: another gem of a phone you won't see much of around here. I LOVED this phone because absolutely NOBODY has it. The texting interface is amazing, and the picture caller ID makes the Razr's caller ID look archaic. I even miss the factory ring tones that came with this phone. The camera was different because it was the first phone I'd ever seen where you actually held the phone like a camera to take a picture (months later, many phones have that feature). The swivel motion was cool because unlike my other swivel phone, it could move either way (left or right) and even could lock in the middle, making a right angle for picture taking. I still have this phone, I just need to purchase a charger for it.

This Razr V3 in slate gray is the phone I'm using currently. I bought it when I finally took my phone bill out from under my uncle's name and purchased my own plan with T-Mobile (switching from AT&T/Cingular). It's a fine phone, but the screen is cracked from being in my back pocket so I desperately need a new phone. It gets me my text messages, though, and helps me make calls, and I'll always hold this phone dear because it symbolizes my own freedom and assumption of responsibility.

And this beautiful Sidekick LX in blue, folks, is my new phone. Technically, it's not mine yet because it isn't in my hands yet. But within 2 days it will be and I can say goodbye to my cracked phone woes. 

8 phones (soon to be 9), 5 years (on July 9th), countless memories.


One Eighteen said...

i have only had 4 phones


Demiera said...

yeah I've definitely been a bit of a phone addict...still am except now i have other obligations so i havent had the money to throw away on buying multiple cell phones just for the hell of it

Chelle said...

I had a motorola phone once and hated it - never seemed to work and eventually died. That's when I switched to LG and won't get anything else. It takes great pictures & okay videos & since I only use it mostly for that and sometimes talking to people, I'm pretty happy with it!

Demiera said...

chelle, I actually considered myself a HUGE Motorola head...I'm sorry to hear your phone wasn't working but I'm glad you've found the perfect one for you!

onyxx said...

9 mobile units in 5 years? wow, that's a lot of cell phones :). as for me, i think i've gone through 5 models in the last 7 years (4 Nokia & 1 SE). my latest is N73. i'm still waiting for that 3G iPhone though

Demiera said...

Lol you know what I have never owned a sony erikson phone, i've only seen maybe one or two that i liked. The iphone looks cool but i'm wary of those because it seems like they do too much lol