Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's the Bigger Crime: Copyright Infringement or the Privacy Violation of a Nation?

I'm the juggernaut, bitch...I'm gonna kill him and I'm gonna rape him and I'm gonna eat his fucking costume, just wait...

Does anyone remember the "Juggernaut" video on Youtube that featured a hilarious voiceover of portions from the cartoon? I had downloaded it onto my iPod at the time and would listen to it at work when I felt angry or stressed. It always brought a smile to my face.

Of course, the video was pulled soon after by Viacom, citing copyright infringement.

Now, it has been ruled that Google must give Viacom a list of all the videos any Youtube viewer has ever watched, along with that viewer's log-in ID and IP address.

What for?

So what if I've viewed the Juggernaut video, and others like it that have been pulled for copyright infringement, many times? I'm not viewing it to take funds away from Viacom (and, in the case of the Juggernaut video, it isn't even something Viacom would have in the first place). I'm not trying to make Viacom lose lots of money. So why do they need to know my log in ID and IP address and any video I've ever watched? What good is this information to them?

They say they want it just to build a case against Google. But what about my own privacy rights? Or has the Internet become a venue that somehow slips through the loophole of First
Amendment protection?

Google assures the people that it won't divulge any personally identifiable information to Viacom. Bullshit! A log-in ID sounds pretty personally identifying to me. My log-in can EASILY be traced back to me. And then what?

Let me first say that if Google has to turn over any information, it shouldn't include user's log-in information OR their previously viewed videos. If Viacom wants to build a case against Google, and that's ALL Viacom wants to do, they don't need my personal information, or anyone else's, to do it.

Viacom seems to be taking the slogan mess with me and I'll sue you way too far. People of Viacom, maybe you can offer a little insight to a regular layperson like me by telliing me what exactly you intend to accomplish by suing Google. You'll get a couple million dollars (supposing you win) so you can take your incessant whining to a rich corner somewhere and suck your thumbs in contentment.

But guess what: it won't stop the copyright infringement. You can sue Google all you want, but if you're really suing for what you say you are, money won't solve anything. Someone who has permanently suffered some damage, like a lost leg, can sue for all the damages they want but like it or not, they'll never get that leg back and they learn to live with it, even to embrace it.

Entertainment isn't the way it used to be, Viacom. It is changing, and instead of you throwing a privacy violating temper tantrum about it, you should learn to adapt to the change and use it to your advantage. It's much better than a stupid court case.

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One Eighteen said...

Prince is suing other artists for making covers of some of his songs in a tribute to Prince. Ungrateful bastard, they only did it to show you how much the appreciate your music. And now he's suing them for millions.