Monday, July 7, 2008

More Evidence that T-Mobile is THE Mobile Service

Ever since December of 2007, I've been a T-Mobile customer, and since then I've had nothing but glowing reviews to give. T-Mobile outranks all the rest in many aspects, but it's strong point is customer service.

I have YET to have a bad experience with a T-Mobile customer service representative. Every single one, from the time I started my service until today, has been absolutely nothing but polite and more than willing to solve my problems (and I call often). Whether I'm reporting a problem with my phone or billing or service, they are on call and always seem to have an answer to my issue. When I called to upgrade my text messages from 500 to unlimited, I got 200 extra texts free to last until the end of the month. When I was trying to use a Cingular phone with my T-Mobile sim card and had to call back at least 3 different times, they gave me everything I needed and if they didn't know the answer they wouldn't give up until they'd found it (Might I add, I called AT&T that day as well and neither customer service rep was as cheery and customer-driven as the ones at T-Mobile).

But today was truly miraculous. I called earlier to switch my rate plan from the unlimited messaging plan to the Sidekick plan, which everyone knows is absolutely necessary to optimize the whole Sidekick experience, and the customer service rep was wonderful. He told me that for being the nicest customer he's had all day, I would get 100 minutes added to my plan for free. Not that I really needed the extra minutes, but it was a nice gesture and of course I appreciated it.

However, when I checked my bill balance, I found that it was almost $100. Surprised (ya'll should know by now I don't take kindly to surprise expenses), I called back immediately. The rep i spoke to now told me that when you switch a rate plan, you have to pay two months in advance, which explained the high cost of the bill. What I didn't know was that if you get a rate plan switched and you don't pay for it when you switch it, your service gets suspended! Had I not checked and then called to inquire, I would have lost service at midnight (which might have changed my tone about T-Mobile just a little bit). For the inconvenience, the rep deducted a month of Sidekick service that I would have had to pay in advance (saving me almost $25), which means I get a month of Sidekick service for free.

T-Mobile truly cares about the customer, and as I said before, they have always found an answer to my questions or a solution to my problem, no matter how many problems I have or questions to answer. T-Mobile need not worry about losing this customer any time soon.

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