Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finding a Job is Like...

...finding a grain of salt in the ocean.

I'm dog tired. Actually, the proper term should probably be job tired.

I've been job searching and applying for three hours, without much notable success aside from a few "thank you for your application" emails.

Sometimes I wish a job would be as kind as the Nestle Corporation and just tell me upfront that they don't want to hire me. Why waste my time waiting and waiting for the customer service representative that's never going to call or email when I could be spending time filling out more job applications?

Why can't I fill out one huge job application and fax it to every company imaginable and wait for my desperation for a job to finally pay off?

I made a resume so that I'd never have to go through this punishing task of filling out job applications, to no avail. My computer won't open the document in either of the TWO formats I saved it in, rendering my resume largely useless.

And as if it isn't enough that I have to fill out my personal information countless times, I then have to complete a customer service questionnaire that I suppose helps employers see whether or not I'm a truly consistent person. They ask all sorts of off the wall questions like "Do you think it's okay to steal from work once in a while?".

Like I'm really going to answer "Hell yes, I stole from my previous jobs all the time, how do you think I ended up with so many school supplies?".

Then they ask things like "Do you let it show if you're having a bad day?"

Yes. When I have a bad day and I'm at home, I let the world know so that people know better than to piss me off even further than I already am.

But when I'm at work and I have a bad day, I keep it to myself as much as possible or let a supervisor know that my day isn't going so well so that they'll know what to expect.

Of course, those questionnaires don't make that distinction.

If it weren't so important for me to be employed, I'd throw my idea of working to the dogs (heh heh second dog saying of the day). But I live a bit outside of my means sometimes, and I have to support one of my main stress relievers: shopping! So into the swirling black hole they call a job field I go.

Wish me luck!


Vicky-Tan said...

Good Luck!!!

KC said...

Good luck with your Dog-hunt !! Oops i meant Job-hunt !! :p

fab said...

good luck demiera! i'm sure a smart girl like you will find a great job... ;) but i know where you're coming from because i've been through the black hole of job hunting too and it can definitely be tiring AND frustrating but it will pay off in time, trust me. xoxo