Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Commitment - Obviously a Foreign Term in Favre's Vocabulary

DISCLAIMER: I am not a huge football fan. I barely know the rules of the game. The only reason I follow the game AT ALL is because I like the Bears. And my boyfriend is a HUGE football nut, so I have no choice BUT to watch.

So I'm going to approach this from a very
common sense point of view.

That being said...

Brett. What are you doing? You can't retire and then decide months later, "Oh, just kidding, I really didn't wanna retire, I was forced into it!! I wasn't 100% committed then but I am now!!"

Nice to know you think a team should pay you millions of dollars a year to half ass your job, then get angry when you say you aren't committed and they move on.

"I wasn't committed to retirement."

It's also nice to know that we can officially add "retirement", along with "child-rearing" and "AA support groups" to the list of things you apparently don't need to commit to. Looks like we have the Jay-Z of football on our hands.

And while we're on the subject, Brett Favre seems to have a commitment problem. I wonder how that made his past girlfriends feel?

Brett either wants to return as a starter or be released so that he can look for playing opportunities elsewhere. But he also says in his interview that he can't envision being anything but a Packer. Hmmm.

The Packers said, "Nuh-uh," and for good reason. If Brian Urlacher decided to retire from the Bears and then wanted to play the game again, I wouldn't want him on another team's defense. That's like...traitor...ism.

Here is video of the first part of the interview, and there will be a second part airing today on Fox News.

I can't really do much else to comment on this because I'm only really interested in football when the Bears are winning. Oh, and watching the draft was pretty cool too just to see all the guys get all worked up over everything.

But all of the football fans out there who come across this, feel free to comment.


One Eighteen said...

Brett Favre doing a half ass job for the Packers??? Are you kidding me??? He took them to the playoffs!!! Brett Favre made something out of a team that had nothing OTHER THAN HIM!!! The Packers were that youngest team in the NFL last season and Favre took them to the playoffs and had the Packers with one of the best win-loss records in football!!! Brett Favre was not 100% committed when he retired. The man simply changed his mind. A man is entitled to that. And plus, this is Brett Favre!!! Arguably the BEST QUARTERBACK OF ALL TIME!!! The Packers are stupid for NOT taking them back. They'll regret this. I may hate the Packers but this is a Hall of Famer we are talking about. He WANTS to play and he WANTS to play for his team that he has BEEN committed to his team FOREVER. The man changed his mind, simple as that. Half ass job? Those words should never be used to describe Brett Favre. The Packers should THANK Brett Favre for trying to retire when HE felt he wasn't 100% committed. Thats what I would want from my star player.


Demiera said...

First things first:
remember this is being taken from a non football fan's point of view. So I'm approaching the situation from the common layperson's point of view. second, he may be the best player, but in the real world if you're not ready for an opportunity RIGHT THEN AND THERE the opportunity often gets lost...that's how things go. Next. When I said half ass job I meant what he would have done had he not retired, if you read correctly. In his career he may have been the best, and perhaps the Packers are making a mistake by not taking him back, but I still think he's throwing around the "not committed" excuse waaayyy too much. That's the main point of this post. Remember that.

One Eighteen said...

That is the whole point of this controversy. Brett Favre would never do a half ass job with anything, THAT IS WHY HE DECIDED TO RETIRE. The man is and has been the workhorse of the Green Bay Packers since he came to the organization. Saying that he would have done a half ass job had he decided to play, well its just not possible because Brett Favre does not know the meaning of those words. He just changed his mind about wanting to play the game. Lets think about another player who left his sport because he didn't want to play anymore, and then came back and had tremendous success...oh yea Michael Jordan!!! Would you say no to Michael Jordan??? Did the media hate on Michael Jordan??? No. Why? Because the Bulls knew better than to say no to a LEGEND. This controversy would NOT be a controversy had the Packers said that they would give Favre his job back. But since they didn't, now the media wants to make Favre look like a bad guy??? Fuck out of here with that BULLSHIT. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has shown more HEART on the field and more LOVE FOR THE GAME than Brett Favre. I hate the Packers but Brett Favre is what every single player that ever straps on a helmet SHOULD BE.


Demiera said...

Okay, you've made your point about Brett Favre. MY point is that the point of this post was a satire on the situation. That's what the disclaimer was for...so that you know that I approached this without knowing all the technical facts. Football is one of those things I don't know much about so I shouldn't say anything at all but I can still comment on it because....I DO WHAT I WANT!!!!(:P)