Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama Does NOT Equal Osama, People

Somebody should have gone up to whoever created this magazine cover, said, "Dude...", then slapped them.

Then somebody should have gone to whoever out of Obama's compatriots got terribly offended, said "Get over yourself," and slapped them too.

No doubt, New Yorker's new magazine cover may not have been made in the best taste. Having Barack Obama dressed as the stereotypical "terrorist" standing in front of a picture of who appears to be Osama Hussein, and Michelle Obama as an afro-ed woman in camoflage, wasn't exactly the best way to depict the couple.

But I don't honestly believe the New Yorker made the cover to insult the Obama family at all. They explained, in their own defense, that the purpose of the cover was to satirize the stereotypes about the Obama family, not to slander his campaign, and I believe them. I believe the cover was a huge misunderstanding.

In Obama's defense, he has been receiving a lot of criticism and has had a lot of controversy over things people have been saying about him. This is just another apple on the tree.

Personally, I think the caricature is funny. The fact that it's gaining so much publicity (even from me) makes it even funnier.'s a magazine cover...if people want to vote for you, they're not going to change because of some tasteless magazine cover. They're going to say, "This is some bullshit that I don't need to waste my time over." You should do the same.

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