Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Daisy and Friday Daffodil...and no I'm not talking about days or flowers

Nicole Kidman gave birth to her first child with Keith Urban today, and following in the footsteps of so many celebrities before her, she named her child something you'd have to be high to appreciate: Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. Sunday Rose?

The rush for celebrities to name their children unique names has created a bandwagon in itself, almost so that the more unique the name the more of a follower you seem to be. Where have all the traditional names gone, and when can we have them back?

I'm not one to talk about unique names; my own name (Demiera) is one that you're not likely to find anywhere, especially not with the same spelling. The one thing I will say about my name is that it's actually a name...my mom didn't name me after the fruit she craved when she was pregnant (I couldn't walk around with a name like Banana) and she didn't name me after a number (can you imagine being named something like...One?) and she certainly didn't find as many common words as possible and throw them together to make what she thinks is nice, like Rain Summer Fresh.

Some "baby name expert" (because, of course, in this harsh world, you'll always need some random woman to tell you whether or not YOU properly named YOUR baby that YOU created) fawned over Sunday Rose, saying that it meant serenity. What exactly is so serene about a Sunday Rose that isn't just as serene on a Monday or Tuesday?

And might I add that "Kidman Urban" don't really allow for a fluid, peaceful name like "Sunday Rose"?

I certainly hope Sunday Rose upholds the serenity her name has pronounced for her because if not I vote her name be changed to Monday Thorn. It would certainly be more fitting.

"Sunday Rose" may be an adorable name for a fat happy baby but it kind of destines the child for Hippie-dom later in life. We'll see how that goes.

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