Monday, July 7, 2008

Hancock is Not Your Ordinary Superhero...and this is not your ordinary movie

Superhero movies have been running rampant: the likes of Daredevil, Superman, Spiderman, and Batman have been swimming across movie screens for years. Most of these movies feature the same premise: some ordinary guy gets splash by acid or bitten by an animal or exposed to gamma rays or some other quirk of fate, then they turn into a superhero by night who tons of people adore. They come to a climax where the enemy, who is always bigger and more powerful,
confronts them but the hero always comes out on top, gets the girl, and leads a normal life.

I've been drinking, bitch!

Hancock puts an end to the "same old, same old" routine of superheroes. Will Smith plays a seemingly homeless bedraggled Superman like character who seems to put the "super" in everything BUT "hero": Superdrunk, superdirty, supermean. This is the first superhero movie where the cost of wrecking a city to save the people is actually realized, and the city hates him for his high costs. When he saves the life of a PR man, however, his life is destined to change. There is obvious tension between the PR guy's wife and Hancock, and halfway through the movie the secret is revealed (telling you here will ruin the entire movie).


Hancock was delightfully funny and a refreshing change from the superhero movies we're used to. I thoroughly enjoyed it and Will Smith really gave Hancock substance. Even the ending was just how I like it to be (but I won't divulge how that was either). It is definitely worth the $8.50 at the movies and a spot at the very top of my list of favorite super hero movies. Keep 'em coming, Will Smith.


KC said...

Kool review !! :)

By the way , the problem with the Asterisks is , i tried typing "Hancock" only , But it showed up in the cbox automatically as "Han****" !! :) Seems theres some Spam prevention option ON in ur cbox :)

Joe Spyder said...

This movie, is very powerfull imajinasi, good..good..4

jakeravvit said...

The movie all left us hanging.... hoping there is more tom it...... Making the ultimate sacrifice of letting your one true love in the hands of the other... just for the sake of making a better world.... still John Hancock was a Henpeck to the character of Charlize Theron.... yes dear.. I will stay away from you coz you beat the crap out of me.... who would pay for all those damaged building... hehehehe

fab said...

great review demiera! :D you're right, this movie is a refreshing change from all the other "mutated" superheroes. but i'm still wondering how in the first place did hancock get his powers? any ideas? harharhar!

Demiera said...

@jakeravvit - it was a bit of a cliffhanger at the end but i thought it was fitting; any other ending would have made me mad.

@fab - thanks! I have NO idea how he got his powers but I think not knowing makes the movie that much better. That way it can't be ruined by some cheap, stupid, mediocre scientific explanation that i wouldn't believe anyway ;)