Thursday, July 3, 2008

Celebrating 5 Years of Cell Phone Bliss - Amendment

I was sitting here, scrolling through my post on cell phones and just realized I'd done something very bad...I left one out!!

The HTC 8525 is the newest phone I've gotten, so it belongs between the slate gray Razr and the blue Sidekick on my list. I forgot about this phone because it was given to me but because it's a Cingular phone and I have T-Mobile, I wasn't able to use it. Normally you can put in certain codes to unlock a locked phone but unfortunately mine just wasn't working. But had I been able to use it, this phone would have put my allegiance to my Treo to the test. With a touchscreen, slide out QWERTY keyboard, and Windows Mobile, I have the feeling this phone would have made it to the top of my favorites list VERY quickly. I still have this one at home, too, trying to figure out if I should just use it as an organizer, alongside my Sidekick, or just sell it.

This brings my total up to 9 owned phones, soon to be 10. I think this is it.

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